2nd trimester and a giant belly

It’s so surreal.

And TERRIFYING because I’m planning on a baby being here in October. Since my “bump” is already ridic, I have to talk about being pregnant with EVERYONE I meet. I get excited and all caught up in my excitement, then terrified that I’ve jinxed myself.

But I’m doing a much better job of brushing that paralyzing fear off of my shoulder and embracing this pregnancy.

I still haven’t caught up on my Bumpdates yet, but I will. For now, here’s what I looked like on Monday of this week:


And here’s what I looked like after laying on my comfy hotel bed for 2 hours 2 days later:


Poor hubby is quite concerned about my body’s ability to carry to term when I arrived home last night and he saw how much I had grown since Monday (I look like this pic still). And I’m kind of wondering the same. Hopefully my doctor will reassure us some at my 14 week appointment on Monday.

21 thoughts on “2nd trimester and a giant belly

  1. Wow! You look great!! Such a cute bump you have. I’m glad you’re starting to feel better about things and are embracing pregnancy now. That’s quite a growth spurt! Good luck Monday!

    • Oh don’t worry, I’m getting fat on my hips too all of a sudden! Which sucks because my torso is so short so I’m starting to look like the apple fruit of the loom guy! Lol

      • I wouldn’t say I popped early, but once I got going, holy shit! I went like gangbusters. I just looked fat for a long time. My ass got really involved in the whole thing. You look super adorable and pregnant. Remember, I only had a 5 lb baby, so I wouldn’t hold me up as a good measure.

      • Yeah. I’m just really nervous that I’ll continue to grow at this rate. Oh well. We’ll see! Thanks, sweetie. Oh, and I’m still hoping my ass will join in the fun!

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