Grey’s and Names

OMG my friend and I just watched THAT episode. It was awful. But this little baby is making me keep my emotions in check. Sort of. I usually can’t make it through an episode of Grey’s without bawling my eyes out, but after a gnarly fight with Hubster last week I promised Baby I wouldn’t […]

Baby book suggestions please!

Since Baby can hear now, I am thinking about starting to read weekly her/him. Somewhere I came across a great list of baby books and think it was somewhere in the IF-world. It didn’t include the more mainstream ones so I need help! Any ideas? I’d like to use this as our first book tradition […]

Consistent movement has arrived

Wow. Did I just write that? How is this my life right now?!? But almost every time I lay back, I can feel Baby moving around. When I press down I can feel Baby kick my hand or just roll around. Sometimes, however, it’s a flipping motion I feel inside and all of it is […]

OB Saga Continued

After my meltdown, I got busy. I found a potential new OB at my current OB’s practice in interested in and 3 others affiliated within the medical group, but at other locations. The furthest is about 35 minutes away from my office and the closest is about 20 minutes. Also, I’m waiting to hear back […]

My OB is leaving me

Ok, one of my worst fears is happening and even though I know everything will be fine, I’m really distraught. I’ve not had the best luck with doctors since the one who diagnosed me with endo 10+ years ago. I found most don’t give you all the info about all your options, are annoyed when […]

Mother’s Day

For those still waiting, hurting, or in disbelief (me!), you are at the forefront of my mind. You are the HARDEST working, the ones who have sacrificed the MOST, and have my utmost respect. Please take care of you today. That’s all that any loving mother would want for you.

Mother’s day anxiety has arrived

So remember how I feel like an imposter lately? Well, it went away for a little bit, but it’s back. I was texting with my sister and she said (excitedly) that this is technically my first Mother’s Day. And that scared the shit out of me! I mean, I tell pregnant women that all the […]