Consistent movement has arrived


Did I just write that? How is this my life right now?!?

But almost every time I lay back, I can feel Baby moving around. When I press down I can feel Baby kick my hand or just roll around. Sometimes, however, it’s a flipping motion I feel inside and all of it is CRAZY!

It kind of sucks that Hubster only got to feel Baby’s movements once before I left on what is HOPEFULLY my last business trip for awhile. It makes me even more sad to be away from him because feeling Baby’s movements is the only thing he can do to feel connected to our baby. But in 2 days I’ll be home so for now I’ll just focus on the positive.

Baby is strong and everything really is fine!

8 thoughts on “Consistent movement has arrived

  1. Movements are the BEST. Izzy would always stop kicking whenever CP would try to feel her in my belly, so he barely felt her throughout my pregnancy.

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