Grey’s and Names

OMG my friend and I just watched THAT episode. It was awful. But this little baby is making me keep my emotions in check. Sort of.

I usually can’t make it through an episode of Grey’s without bawling my eyes out, but after a gnarly fight with Hubster last week I promised Baby I wouldn’t let myself get that worked up again. My hurt feelings aren’t more important than Baby’s health. And now Grey’s Anatomy can’t upset me that much. That dumb show is not more important than Baby.

But it was still excruciating to watch. I’m not gonna lie.

THEN I open Facebook and find that Hubster’s good friend named his baby Olivia. That was my #1 for a little girl. By some miracle, the few friends and family who have had daughters haven’t chosen that name so I really thought it was ours. I thought at least infertility hasn’t taken this away too. But now it has. And we’re so close. No, I don’t know the sex of this baby but I’m sad.

I’m really freaking sad tonight and feel like a giant baby myself.

Other than that everything is fine and wonderful.

23 thoughts on “Grey’s and Names

  1. I assume by The Episode you mean the Derek one 😭😭😭😭😭😭
    Awful. It is sooo horrendous!
    SO sorry about your name, that’s gutting, so bloody close. Do you have another choice? When’s your gender scan?

    • YES! OMG I sobbed and sobbed. I hated the way everything played out. And yes, there are a couple I like, but this was the one I was in love with. I know it’ll be ok and totally fine in the long run, but it just sucks.

  2. SO sorry about the name!!! We have a #1 name and I am holding my breath hoping nobody uses the name in the next few months, there are around 6 babies due… How close of a friend? We named Apple the same name as one of my husband’s friend’s babies.

      • It was someone we used to see a lot but we had moved away, so now we don’t see them very often anymore. We also kind of forgot they had used that name (the kids are about 2 years apart, we had moved away about 4 years before our kids were born). I probably wouldn’t use it in your case unless I REALLY loved the name and couldn’t bear to use another one… but we are in a situation now where a lot of people in our small community have the names we like and people are telling me to just not worry repeat names (two people in our synagogue had boys named Gabriel in under a year, for example). ANYWAY sorry I don’t have any advice, just that sucks a lot, Olivia was very high on my girls’ list too, it is a super cute name 😦

  3. I would still use it if it was my number 1. In the grand scheme of things, having a friend with a child by the same name isn’t that big of a deal. That is the name your child will have their entire life, so I say go with what you want and don’t worry if someone else uses the name. So, when are you finding out the gender?

    • True. But I don’t know. It seems weird to have 2 kids with the same name in the same tight group of friends. We’ll see. I find out on 6/9. Seems so far still!

  4. By the time I was a mom (41) every girls name I ever liked was taken. One. At. A. Time. It was horrible. So I feel ya! I ended up having a boy and had no names picked out! :-/

  5. If it’s your number one name, then I think you should still use it. Especially if it isn’t family…friends come and go, your baby is yours forever!

  6. That episode made me bawl too. So hard to watch.

    And we have loved the name Olivia as well (though we ultimately decided against it because of it’s huge popularity). But I know what it’s like to feel like a name is “yours.” As we’ve got our little guy’s name now narrowed down to three (probably, realistically, two since one of them is hugely popular as well), I’m feeling panicky that someone is going to “steal” one of them. Especially because I have five people I’m close to who are expecting right now (only one of them knows the gender so far and it’s a boy) and we never announce the name until after Baby is born — so there’s lots of opportunity for stealing! But you know what? I’ve decided that if I love the name and if that’s the chosen one, then it still belongs to me. It can belong to someone else, too, but only I can truly decide if I’m going to let them take it away and if I can live with another name.

    Really hoping you’ll find another little girl’s name you love just as much — if you end up needing it! 🙂 xo

  7. We nixed names that friends had used before but if we are able to have a second kid I think that rule will be thrown out the window. In the end, if you love that name then you should use it. What if one of you moves away? If you guys aren’t friends anymore? The kids will probably think that it is really cool that they have the same name!

  8. So sad about the name. We have a close friend who named her daughter what I had always wanted to name mine. Luckily Sabine, my second choice, was pretty awesome 🙂 When do you find out the gender?

  9. Damn those hormones! Being the last of our friends and family to have a baby, we were screwed when it came to names we like. Brace yourself if you haven’t had the name talk with hubby because it can get violent (mine almost had a can of deodorant thrown at his head over the name Alexander). But when you do find it, that name will be forever the most beautiful name ever.

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