Taking advantage of 2nd trimester energy

Sunday night ended the last of 10 crazy days. Thank God. Friday of father’s day weekend we went on a 3-day camping trip with Hubster’s brothers, nephews, and cousins. It was hot, but totally bearable with the small hand held fan, giant battery-powered fan for the tent, and an insulated water bottle with built-in sprayer. […]

Holy gas pain!

I blame endo for having awful digestion issues-from pooping almost exclusively after constipation or as diarrhea, constant flatulence, and lots of abdominal discomfort-but none of them can hold a candle to my GI issues as a prego. This is the 2nd morning I woke up with intense gas pains. They spread across my whole belly […]

Stroller shopping

I survived. Luckily we were gifted a baby trend and a graco car seat so that narrowed our choices haha! After making Hubster run around with a graco, Bob, and baby jogger summit, we’re kind of stuck. I know graco isn’t great, but it felt fine. So all you mother runners out there, please help! […]

Anatomy scan

Well, the verdict is in. We have a BOY! I kind of knew it was going to be a boy, but kept choosing to believe we were having a girl. I mean, I was meant to have girls! Not boys! But it turns out, I’m going to have a son. So surreal on so many […]

Holy PAIN!

Why haven’t I heard of this whole pelvic bone separation part of pregnancy before?!? I mean, besides all of you awesome mommas, I have so many friends and family members who have shared the goriest parts of pregnancy and childbirth, but this has never been discussed in great detail! This weekend, I went swimming at […]

Baby wearing

I’m approaching 20 weeks and today I’m in shock. Not just at how quickly pregnancy is going, but that I’m pregnant! I looked down at my growing bump and right to myself, “huh. I look pregnant. Oh yeah, I am. OMG I’m really pregnant!” At 19w5d. Then I panicked because we still haven’t gone to […]