Baby wearing

I’m approaching 20 weeks and today I’m in shock. Not just at how quickly pregnancy is going, but that I’m pregnant! I looked down at my growing bump and right to myself, “huh. I look pregnant. Oh yeah, I am. OMG I’m really pregnant!” At 19w5d.

Then I panicked because we still haven’t gone to the store to actually try out strollers or carriers and then I realized I haven’t even started researching them! So I started with carriers because I feel like that’s easier and I’ll be using a wrap more than a stroller in the beginning. Yeah, it’s not that easy!

I knew I wanted a Moby for the early days of long bouts of baby wearing. Especially since I’ll be giving birth in colder weather, I don’t need to worry about lighter fabrics. And since I fully intend to be on-the-go, I planned to get a ring sling to quickly get my little Boo in and out. So, really, it was a matter of finding a woven ring sling I like.

Until I read about mei tai’s.

They are the wraps that look like the Chinese carriers. I love those! I carried a couple of my cousins in them when they were little and made one out of sheet in a moment of desperation with my nephew, but had no idea it was a “thing” nowadays. So the ring sling went out the door and now I’m looking into mei tai’s.

Also, I thought about an Ergo baby carrier for my hiking days later.

Anyway, for those of you baby wearing mamas, do you have any thoughts? I’m planning to go to the store and actually try them all, but the more I hear, the better!

Oh! We find out the sex next Tuesday!

35 thoughts on “Baby wearing

  1. Obviously I don’t have my baby yet, but we went with an ergo baby 360. I am going to get a lighter weight wrap carrier though since in having a summer baby. We probably won’t start using the 360 until she’s heavy enough to not use the infant insert OR the weather turns cooler.

  2. I’m 20 weeks today but unlike you I don’t think I’ve had that moment of “oh my god, I really am pregnant” yet! Did start crib shopping last weekend but haven’t done any research for other items yet. I’m definitely going to be a baby wearer at the beginning so this post was helpful! Let us know what you decide!!!

  3. I have an ergo that absolutely love! Mine is only frontal but preferred that all over. It’s super easy to use, and adjusts wonderfully to their growth. I’m using it now with baby #2!
    And I traveled twice to Mexico with only the baby carrier and no stroller. You get some really niche quads from all the exercise you do carrying the extra weight haha

  4. I thought I would like the Mei tai and ordered one (I went to a baby wearing workshop and liked it) but found the in-and-out to be cumbersome. I couldn’t do it as quickly as I wanted. The moby was hands down my favorite, I’m going to get a new one this time because I got a used one and it is now too stretched out to use. I tried a ring sling and neither baby liked it so I sold it. I inherited an ergo from my sister in law and found it to be really bulky on my shoulders and never comfortable for me, maybe would have been better as a back carrier for later I don’t know.

    I can’t remember jf you live in a city or not, but if you expect to be driving, get a snap n go (or equivalent for your car seat brand) and don’t worry about a stroller for a while. You won’t really know what you need until you know how you use your gear. Also if you drive you may not end up wearing your baby as much as you think, except around the house… If they fall asleep in the car seat I imagine not wanting to wake them up to put them in a carrier, and vice versa!

  5. The K’tan is awesome and I love my Lillebrand Four Seasons. Check out Lucie’s list. She has a great run down of carriers and other items too! I used it to help make my registry.

  6. Check and see if your area has a chapter of babywearing international. We joined our area’s chapter and it’s awesome. They are super helpful and they have a lending library–for $30 a year you can check out a different carrier or wrap each month.
    We LOVE our Ergo. It is so comfy and Bruce likes riding in it. I would also check out the Connecta. There has been a lot of Connecta love in the babywearing community here.
    Instead of a Moby, I would recommend a Wrapsody hybrid. It only stretches one direction instead of two so you can use it longer (as in as the baby gets bigger) and it’s safe to do back wraps if you want to try them (it’s not safe to wrap on your back with a Moby). It’s so soft and perfect for littles.
    I love babywearing and get so excited when other people talk about trying it 🙂 We decided not to buy an infant car seat and instead bought a convertible car seat (still rear facing and totally safe), and wearing Bruce instead of lugging around that heavy car seat has been so nice! Plus, no one tells you this, but not all babies like car rides and car seats. Bruce hates being strapped into his car seat so I’m so glad we didn’t get one to carry him around in.

    • Oh yeah! I’ve read about the wrapsody! I’ll check it out, thanks. And yeah one of my nephews HATED the car. But we got 3 hand me down car seats so we’re keeping them lol.

      • Oh yeah, as long as they are in date, I would use the free car seats! Since we were dishing out the money, we bought a really nice (read: expensive) convertible instead of buying an infant and then a convertible.
        BTW, I’m still so excited for you 🙂 It’s hard to believe you are halfway there!

  7. Wear a Tula! Similar to Ergo but slightly more expensive. Very comfortable and there are tons of patterns. There is actually an obsessive online society about Tulas that I can’t even go into. I also have a Ktan which is a stretchy wrap but a little less comfy. Find out if there is a Babywearing group in your area. They are very helpful and can let you borrow carriers to see what you like before you go out and buy. I have also heard great things about the Mei Tais. One of these days I’m going to get around to writing a Babywearing post.

  8. I feel the same way – I’m about 12 days behind you (18w today) and don’t really believe this is happening to me.

    We will be getting the Ergo 360 (my DH is a big fan) and I think I will also get a baby k’tan. My girlfriends all loved it, much faster than the other wraps. The only downside is that you have to buy it in your size, so you can’t really share it with DH unless you’re the same size.

  9. Definitely look into a babywearing group in your area. Just search babywearing international in facebook and you should be able to find them. Super helpful. Couple of things I wanted to mention….I used a moby with my daughter and loved it. I actually would take her out of the infant seat sleeping or not and out her in the moby for shopping or eating at a restaurant because no matter what she would wake up once I had lugged that thing in and want to be held anyway. Once she outgrew the moby I got a boba which is very similar to the ergo just fits a little different and it was perfect for us could do front and back carries. Then when she outgrew that one I got a toddler size Tula which is absolutely amazing. The tricky thing is shopping for carriers is kinda like shopping for jeans just because I love one brand or type doesn’t mean it will work on you so being able to try some on is important. I honestly wouldn’t invest too much until baby is here and you can try on with your kiddo. Hard to really know how something will fit and feel with a pregnant belly. For my baby number 2 I will use all the same things but I also got a ring sling.

    • Oh I didn’t even think about trying on with my belly! Hmm OK maybe I’ll do all my trying on with baby and hubby in tow. But stick with the Moby and Mei Tai for now. Thanks!

  10. I love love LOVE my moby and my youngest one did too — I found it so comfortable and we used it for the whole first year and Skittle would nap in it for an hour (often more) at a time, even as she was approaching her birthday. It was fantastic! After her first birthday, and for my husband to use, we chose the Boba. I’ve never used an Ergo, but chose the Boba over the Ergo for reasons I now can’t remember, haha. We all love the Boba, though, and found it really simple and comfortable to use. One thing I especially love is that it’s easy enough for me to put on all by myself without help if necessary. Good luck making the decision! It took me forever to decide, but I’m so happy with the time and energy I put into researching it because it really paid off!

    • I’m eager to try them all on! I’ve heard all good things about the Moby, the biggest complaint was it being hot in the warmer months. But having Baby in the fall make the Moby worth it to me!

  11. I did the Bjorn when izzy was little and then the Ergo (because it has better back support) when she got heavier. Both were given to me so I didn’t have much choice, but I liked both of them. We also got a backpack that will last for a while- but that is more for hiking and in big crowds.

  12. I have just seen mei tai’s too and will be trying one soon to see if I want to buy it. (I have a feeling I will. Plus it isn’t too expensive.)
    I tried a friend’s ring sling, couldn’t figure it out.
    I have a 1970’s Snugli (nowadays Ergo) that I used a lot with my son and am now using with my daughter. However, now that I have used a wrap (5 meters long non-stretchy cloth) I like it much more. I find it more comfortable. But, the Snugli is easier to quickly put on in stores.

  13. I love our cat bird baby carrier. (Piccolo I think?) It is like the ergo but will front forward carry, back carry, etc. It is great for small hikes (although hot) and wonderful for running errands. I am pretty sure it has a newborn insert too for the tiny days. Highly recommend it!

  14. I haven’t commented on your blog in a loooong time, but I would HIGHLY recommend the Tula! We love, love, love our’s…it works great for both me and my husband. We first got it when M was about 8 months old and wow do I wish I had gotten it much, much sooner! He is still able to fit into the “infant” one but once he hits the weight limit, we’ll definitely be getting him the toddler-size Tula. Good luck!!!

  15. I’m not yet a baby wearing mama – BUT I do work in a baby goods store and we sell the Ergo. I love it so much – and see sooo many people wearing it. Is definitely more comfortable than some of the others around especially for back support – and I love that it’s good for babies hips aswell and prevents hip dysplacia and stuff. But it does get pretty hot – and the infant inserts are a mission. Definitely look into the 360 though for when bubs is a wee bit older, it seems to be so good! People seem to go for a soft wrap like the moby for newborn then move to something like the ergo when bubs is older.

  16. My only advice is stay flexible, keep receipts. You never know. V hated to be worn but we did use the Moby. If I were to buy again I’d use the K’tan. I bought a Maya sling wrap for this baby but can’t use it for a while. We decided on a Boba instead of an Ergo and I like it. But definitely try things on first- not every wrap feels comfortable on every mom or every baby. And those lending libraries sound great!

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