Holy PAIN!

Why haven’t I heard of this whole pelvic bone separation part of pregnancy before?!? I mean, besides all of you awesome mommas, I have so many friends and family members who have shared the goriest parts of pregnancy and childbirth, but this has never been discussed in great detail!

This weekend, I went swimming at my in-laws to escape the awful summer heatwave. I paddled around and did 6 slow short laps of breast stroke before taking a break. I was all ready to do another set of 6 laps until I walked a few steps and felt this awful pain near the top of my butt. I thought I somehow broke something so I kind of slowly walked around in the pool and then treaded water slowly using more of the strength of my arms than my legs. Soon it felt better so I kicked around on my back and side and did some more walking and treading.

When I got out, walking was very painful so I sat a lot. And ever since then, standing up has hurt, but walking has been mostly fine. Until today. Today I noticed pain and discomfort closer to my nether regions when I walk or stand on one foot (to put on/take off my shoes).

Several of my coworkers told me this was normal and each time I looked at them dumbfounded. How could I not know this would happen? So I finally emailed my doctor’s office and found out it’s pelvic bone separation. WHAT.THE.FUCK. And (of course) this doesn’t usually happen until later in pregnancy. But for me and my tiny hips, it’s happening now.

The funniest thing is I always wanted my hips to spread. People always told me it’s from delivering though so I partly always hoped to deliver a baby so I could have wider hips. But for some reason it never occurred to me that my bones would be separating! Eeeeew! So weird! And freaking painful!

But every kick and movement from Little Boo makes it worth it. So I’ll happily suffer this and whatever else my body will go through, because it’s all worth this sweet little baby getting a nice comfy home.

Tomorrow is our anatomy scan and while I’m d.y.i.n.g. to find out the sex, I’m more anxious to see if ask of Little Boo’s parts are exactly where and hour they’re supposed to be. Sigh. The waiting with baited breath and worrying never end!

20 thoughts on “Holy PAIN!

  1. EEEK I will be thinking of you and stalking this and FB for the sex update! I’m going girl šŸ™‚
    Sounds horribly painful! Sending you hugs xxx

  2. I’m so sorry that’s happened! I started at 5 months pregnant and so did my sister but I never heard of it from my friends either..then again they all had perfect pregnancies etc. I hope yours doesn’t get much worse but only advice I can give you is to take things easy and try not to put too much pressure on your hips especially as baba grows.

      • I want to say no but mine did…as baby got (and me) got heavier, it became harder to walk. I eventually went to an orthopedic surgeon in January because I was still in pain and it seems a nerve got trapped between my hip and pelvic bones which is why I never recovered after birth. I got told to keep pressure off it as much as possible. If you don’t have one, get a preggy pillow and sleep with it between your legs,that really helps. Sorry for the horror story but I’m sure you won’t be as bad as me.

  3. That sounds horrible! Yeah I’ve never heard anyone talk about that either, though I’ve definitely seen people here talk about pelvic pain. Hope it eases up on you a bit soon, and you get the hips you’ve always dreamed of!! šŸ˜‰

  4. I will trade you your small hips for my “childbearing hips” that will probably never bear a child! šŸ™‚ If only it were that easy to do. I’m so excited for you to have your anatomy scan. It feels like just yesterday I was reading about you going through IVF! It probably doesn’t seem like that you though, lol. Hope the pain starts feeling at least a little better very soon!

  5. It. Is. awful. Mine is so bad here at the end, it has made working and just basic functioning hard. I dread going to the bathroom because I know getting up is excruciating and then walking even worse. I’m so sorry yours started so early!

  6. So sorry your experiencing this pain! I had only minor pains from it. Some of the ladies in my birth group had it pretty bad. I know some ended up using walking sticks to get around and maybe even some sort of belt support. Definitely ask about physiotherapy and other pain management options if it gets too painful.

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