Holy gas pain!

I blame endo for having awful digestion issues-from pooping almost exclusively after constipation or as diarrhea, constant flatulence, and lots of abdominal discomfort-but none of them can hold a candle to my GI issues as a prego.

This is the 2nd morning I woke up with intense gas pains. They spread across my whole belly and are so intense it takes my breath away. And for a few seconds, I was convinced I had lost this little baby boy as there is no way he could survive this pain. Immediately I drank a ton of water, put a heating pad on my belly and struggled to get on to my left side. I passed a little gas, but nothing brought relief.

Until I felt this sweet boy moving and kicking around. He’s alive!

Then I asked Hubster to Google gas x and immediately ate 2 chewables the second we saw it was ok. But no, no relief in sight, other than a decrease in the intensity of pain. I sat on the toilet twice, but that was only more uncomfortable. I think Hubster ordered a squatty potty for me though lol! I think he was freaking out a little bit too, honestly.

Now I’m starving and in pain while the little man dances away. I’m hoping a smoothie and bowl of cereal will help move things along.

Any tips? I read eating prunes daily helps, but is there anything else I can do? It’s so paaaaainful.

10 thoughts on “Holy gas pain!

  1. Although not pregnant, I sometimes get intense gas pains. My Mom says they’re gas bubbles that are just stuck and not getting out through burping/farting. I have to lay completely flat on my back to get them to release. No sitting, standing, curling up in a ball wanting to die, or going to the bathroom works. Just flat on my back until it goes away. I’m sorry it’s happening to you because I know how miserable it is without being pregnant. It must be even worse being pregnant.

  2. Have you tried the fiber supplements you add to water? That might help things move along. I found that walking really helps. It is uncomfortable at the beginning but helps out in the end. I found fennel tea helped a lot for bloating and gas. Also avoiding some foods, like broccoli and cabbage. They wrecked my stomach and made me so gassy. Yogurt also helped.

  3. I get horrible stomach pains, which my sr has told me reflux but I’m pretty sure its gas pain. The only thing that ever gave me relief was when it made me dry heave…don’t know that I’d suggest doing that though! I hope you get some relief soon!

  4. Prunes or metamucil. I had more acid reflux than constipation so Tums were my best friend. Make sure to drink tons of water to keep things moving!

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