26 week bumpdate

How far along: 26 weeks, 4 days Total weight gain so far: 19lbs 😨 How big is baby: he’s supposed to be just under 2lbs, but he’s measuring 13 days ahead right now, so I’m guessing more than that? We had an awful US tech on Friday so I’m waiting for my US report for […]

So much to update…

Not sure where I’m at! First, Hubster and I are good now. We took wonderful maternity pictures a few short hours after our big blowup-and had fun doing it! After 2 more near-meltdowns from me, he is learning when to shut his mouth and that not everything needs to be argued. Especially my feelings! But, […]

Marriage + hormones = unhappily ever after

We could barely survive my PMSing. We barely survived Clomid. Why did I think we should do IVF and try to survive pregnancy? Let alone a newborn? After 7 years, we still cannot survive my hormones. I have finally lost all hope that this marriage will last. Even knowing this baby is growing inside of […]

25 weeks

WHAT? I’m actually one of those pregnant ladies gearing up for their 3rd trimester now. 20 and 24 weeks seemed SO far away and all of a sudden I’m here! I was looking at Pinterest and saw all of these “baby after miscarriage” pins yesterday and totally broke down. OMG it’s almost more heartbreaking those […]

It has happened

I had that dream last night. I dreamt that I lost my baby. I can remember the fear, the denial, and the painful heartbreak. I can remember everything I was doing in my dream before it happened and after. I haven’t had a vivid dream in several days so it’s even more shocking to have […]