25 weeks


I’m actually one of those pregnant ladies gearing up for their 3rd trimester now. 20 and 24 weeks seemed SO far away and all of a sudden I’m here! I was looking at Pinterest and saw all of these “baby after miscarriage” pins yesterday and totally broke down. OMG it’s almost more heartbreaking those babies were lost now that we’re actually having a child, then when the losses happened. And the gravity of this blessing was so heavy. It still is sometimes.

Anyway, not to be a downer. This pregnancy is going really well. Here’s a pic from 24w6d.


This top was from my Stitch Fix box and for reference, by bubes are still 38DD here. (WHAT) Also, please excuse how giant this pic is. I’m posting from my phone. I’ll fix it from my laptop later.

One thought on “25 weeks

  1. Looking great! You’re so cute! (This coming from a twin momma who looked huge by 25 weeks! šŸ˜‰ But still, your bump is so cute and I’m so glad everything is going smoothly for you!

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