26 week bumpdate

How far along: 26 weeks, 4 days

Total weight gain so far: 19lbs 😨

How big is baby: he’s supposed to be just under 2lbs, but he’s measuring 13 days ahead right now, so I’m guessing more than that? We had an awful US tech on Friday so I’m waiting for my US report for info. How awful you ask? Well she asked if I had GD (I found out 3 hours later that no, I don’t have it! Yay!), given how large he is measuring, then asked if I knew he was this big. Yes, lady, that’s why I’m here! Also lectured me about drinking more water because my amniotic fluid was at the very low end of normal. That’s the first time I’ve been told that so I was very concerned and guilt-ladden all weekend. Turns out she didn’t know what she was talking about and my fluid level is fine.

Boobies: 36DD, up from 36C pre-pregnancy

Maternity wear: all the time. Except for the XXL tanks and t-shirts I bought on sale at Target months ago. I finally fit them.

I broke down and bought 2 pairs of Aerosoles and thankfully they’re cute.



Stretch marks: none yet! I know they’ll come, but I’m thrilled they aren’t here yet since I’m still wearing a bikini as often as possible!

Belly button In/Out: in, but barely. It’s like an innie-slit lol. No more hole.

Wedding ring Off/On: ON! By some miracle, they’re only just snug.

Most current symptoms: fatigue, pelvic girdle pain, thirst, shortness of breath, sleeping discomfort, and lots of crying quickly!

Sleep: ugh! So bad! I don’t always wake up to pee when I need to so when I do, it huuuurts. The pelvic pain comes out then too. Every time I roll over, it feels like my pubic bones are going to split apart. I even put a pillow between my legs to roll with like I read about, but it didn’t help. It was more comfortable sleeping with both the pillow and snoogle so I think I’ll continue.

Miss anything: sleeping through the night, running, walking for fitness, doing things myself without people telling me not to or to be careful, standing up gracefully, business trips, and taking deep breaths whenever I want.

Movement: all.the.time. Baby Carey is quite active and I love it. Even though it’s more uncomfortable/painful than not, it’s such a blessing and a miracle. I’m praying I will still say that when his feet find their way to my ribs. Which they are very close to. My uterus is supposed to extend 3 inches up from my belly button right now, but for the past few weeks, his kicks have been 4-5 inches up and are a half an inch away from my boobs…😒 #shorttorsoproblems

Food cravings: SUGAR! And most foods. I love everything right now. I’m most happy when I crave a salad though lol.

Sex: ugh only here and there. It’s never comfortable though. My belly gets too tight.

Labor signs: none!

Happy or Moody most of the time: happy! But also moody occasionally.

Best moment this week: making the nursery look like a nursery and finding out I’m not dehydrating my baby!

Worst moment this week: no pictures from our US and not being able to see Carey’s face or his whole profile. Told you AWFUL tech.

Looking forward to: our baby shower with our families this weekend

Things people say: 1. Are you due in august? 2. When I answer that I’m due late October, I hear how big/large I am 3. Then they ask if it’s a boy. 4. Are you sure there aren’t 2 in there? I wish I could answer, “Yes, stranger, I’m sure that one of my beloved embryos didn’t make it in my uterus. Again.” 5. Don’t worry, my wife/sister/cousin/etc. was told they’re baby was big she ended up giving birth a week late to a healthy 8/9/10lb baby! OMG! I can’t imagine going another 14 weeks pregnant, let alone 15! That is NOT comforting!

Purchases for baby: at the last second (when Hubster was preparing to put the crib together) I changed my mind and ordered a new one. I’m so excited!

We were also given hand-me-down onesies, socks, hats, Ergo with nb insert, Moby, disposable and washable breast pads, nursing cover, bumbo w/tray, a rock n play, nursing stool, misc disposable diapers, boppy and cover, a bottle warmer for the car, and hands-free nursing top from a friend.

Previous weeks’ purchases: crib mattress, mattress cover, Momaroo from an awesome auction website, wall decor, size 2 & 3 disposable diapers, 4 GroVia cloth diapers, clothes from our registry that are discontinued, a closet organizing system, and we bought a high chair on clearance about 3 years ago.

We have also accumulated lots of hand-me-downs over the past few months from friends and family: barely used glider & footstool, 2 car seats with 3 bases, small activity mat & little boppy, jumper, and lots of clothes.

The one perk of having lots of fertile friend is that most of them are done having kids! This is especially helpful as I’m preparing for an earlier maternity leave and longer stint on disability due to the pelvic girdle pain. 😦

And here is a picture


14 thoughts on “26 week bumpdate

  1. You look adorable! Pelvic girdle pain is no joke. Fortunately, so far I’ve only had a glimpse of that one morning, but I can see if it comes back it would be debilitating.

    • Thanks sweetie! Ugh yeah I hope you don’t have to worry about it. It’s better now because I haven’t walked more than a hundred feet at a time since Sunday. It’s going to kill me to only swim in the weekends for exercise.

      • Hey, at least you’re still exercising! That’s awesome. I was so sick and tired for so long, that I gave up my gym membership around 14 weeks or so. I haven’t really been exercising at all, although I’m very active by nature. They recommend swimming now, but I don’t really have access to a pool, and I worry if I start exercising, how many extra calories I am going to need to keep up with the twins. I’m already having a hard time getting the 2700 calories they recommend for twins and am probably only getting 2/3rd of that. But babies are doing well and ahead of schedule, so I must be doing something right. 🙂

      • Yeah I couldn’t do anything til maybe week 16? Except light yoga and strength training. So recently I was walking at least a mile, but now I can’t do that. It’s boring swimming laps so it’s really hard to get 30 minutes in-don’t know how I’m going to get an hour in! You look great and are doing wonderfully!

  2. People are crazy rude with the comments about pregnant lady sizes, and I get it most often from other women! The same questions. SHORT TORSO !!! Ugh. You look cute, I hope those commments don’t make you feel bad, but brace yourself because it’s only getting started. I’m 34 weeks and people think I’m due, even well-meaning people are like “almost done!” and I’m like I HOPE NOT.

    • Robin – I’m 28 weeks pregnant with twins, and have been getting the “you look like you’re about to pop!” comments since about week 24. So. Frustrating. One of our executives told me that I look like I’m about 14 months pregnant just a few minutes ago. LOL! I sort of adore this individual and he always tells me I look and act just like his daughter my age, so I didn’t even take offense. I’m just so used to it now, I just laugh. But strangers….oh hell no. And everyone wants to talk to me about my bump. I went to a baseball game and about 15 random strangers stopped me to ask me questions about my bump. I rudely ignored most of them. But it’s like, believe it or not, I have other things to do than socialize with strangers about my bump all the time!

      • At last you have twins! It’s so annoying that people ask if I’m sure I’m not having twins when I tell them it’s just one big boy in there. You really think I’d make it this far without knowing?!? People. It’s shocking how nosy they think they can get with preggos!

      • That is so rude! But at some point, like right before you deliver, I think you’ll just get used to it and maybe even find it amusing. I don’t know. I’m finding that these nosy people are wearing my ass down to where I’m just used to it and I have the perfectly dismissive yet polite way to respond and shut them off.

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