Childbirth prep classes? Check!

Hubster and I attended 4-2 hour evening sessions to get ready for labor and delivery at our hospital. It was exhausting going to class after a long day of work, but it was worth it.

First, they were so informative! We learned about different interventions used and when, got advice about how to handle nonmedicated childbirth, the actual process of labor and delivery, the hospital’s protocols, and that we have a choice about every part! Except the cases when emergency c-section is needed, which she explained. The highlights for me (besides knowing my birth plan would be carried out, if possible) were:
1. Finding out the following are standard protocol:
-skin-to-skin immediately following birth
-skin-to-skin with partner after c-section
-delayed cord clamping (YES!)
-wireless fetal monitoring systems to labor freely
-labor and delivery positions are determined by the woman giving birth (unless given an epi)


2. That she taught the partners some massage techniques that might help during labor. Not only did she show us what to do, but had them practice. And then she watched each of them do it and help them get it right.

3. She taught the preggos different positions to help during labor and we practiced them.

4. Also, did I mention this is a university teaching hospital?! I chose this one because of their giant combo labor/delivery rooms and they have the best NICU in the area so if by some chance our baby has to go there, he won’t be transferred to a different hospital from the one I’m recovering in. But I never in a million years anticipated they would be natural-birth-friendly. I figured I would have to rely on the fact that my OB believes in patient-led care.

5. The nurse teaching the class was very open and real about how painful, exhausting, and emotional the whole process can be, but I appreciate that. She wasn’t trying to scare is into drugs, but is totally supportive of however you need to birth your baby. And she was HILARIOUS! Hubster and I cracked up the entire time. And we were both genuinely sad that our classes were over. Hopefully she’ll teach the Breastfeeding & Baby Basics class we’re going to next month!

15 thoughts on “Childbirth prep classes? Check!

  1. Glad you had such a great experience! Sounds like it was a bit better than our class, but they didn’t focus as much on labor since they assume most twin pregnancies will end in cesarean. 😦

    • Ugh that’s awful. She kept starting to talk about differences with twin but would remember no one in our class had multiples. I guess 2 couples went to her condensed class recently, but none were in ours, which seems crazy to me because I feel like I’d definitely want more info having twins. But maybe they’re planning on c-sections?

      • Yeah, ours was specific for multiples, so there were 5 other couples in our situation. Actually, I think they were all pushing for a more natural delivery, but she just didn’t focus on it and actually said we’d have no option whether or not we want an epidural and that everyone would be completely numbed and given narcotics as soon as active labor begins. However, a follow up conversation with my doctor proved this to be inaccurate. She told me I’m going to have to have some sort of pain management, and explained why, but said that I tell her when I want the epidural, and she can do lower dose. Either way, she assured me I’d be able to feel contractions and would have a say in the pain management process.

      • Glad your doctor confirmed otherwise. That’s crazy. Ours would make comments about IF we were having twins, and told us done differences, but never that we’d have to have medication for pain. Just that they won’t try to deliver vaginally if one is transverse, but will try to deliver vaginally one is breech and other little tidbits. I hope the class was still helpful to you!

      • It was, like you, I was relieved to learn the hospitals policies supported the type of experience I wanted to have in regards to caring for the babies after birth. It was also nice to take a tour and see where it’s all going to happen. I really like the ambiance of the hospital, and that makes a big difference!

  2. That sounds amazing! And that’s awesome that they’re open to so many options, and have great equipment to help everyone with their own particular wants and needs. I hope we have similar luck with our classes, whenever the day comes that we go to one!

  3. Sounds like you had a great experience with class! One thing we learned was that there was no need to bring pillows with us to use during labor or after. If we wanted more pillows just ask! I know it seems like a little thing, but that is one less thing to remember to bring with you. πŸ™‚

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