Guess who’s sitting on an ice pack?

Yep, that’s right, ME!

TMI-alert: hemorrhoid talk ensues

My 2nd hemorrhoid of this pregnancy has popped out and it’s so uncomfortable! But the worst part is imagining what will happen when I push this baby out. Especially because both have popped out when I’m merely slightly pushing. I’m not constipated or anything. Then all of a sudden, usually hours later, I feel a pile down there.

Has anyone ever heard of getting external hemis during pregnancy and NOT during delivery?

15 thoughts on “Guess who’s sitting on an ice pack?

  1. I have one grape-sized external one at the moment which is incredibly painful. I am having a c-section so I don’t really have concerns for delivery but sure hope this is the only one that pops up. I don’t want to scare you but I have only heard horror stories from people who had them prior to delivery and then had to push vaginally in the sense that so many others popped up. The indignities of pregnancy, eh!

    Also, if you haven’t already or your OB hasn’t told you already, trust me run don’t walk to the pharmacy and spend some bucks on EMLA cream (or gel) and apply to the hemorrhoids. It is the only thing that’s actually been effective (short of trying prescription steroids, etc).

  2. I didnt have an issue with them until after baby #1 was born but after that, they never went away. When I was pregnant with #2, they were definitely a problem and I totally cried anytime I thought about pushing. They definitely got worse after delivery (more popped up) but not as bad as I thought and they didnt last as long. Once the baby is out and the pressure is off, it helps.

    After you deliver, even if you have a c-section, you’re gonna have a “routine” for peeing and changing pads anyway, so hemmerhoid treatment just gets added on. Some suggestions? Ask your nurses at the hospital for a prescription cream for it. They should give you something with steroids. Also, Tucks pads in your undies are a good thing. My best thing for pain relief though is actually Earth Mama Angel Baby Mama bottom balm. Its got menthol and has a nice cooling effect that LASTS! The spray is nice too.

    I hope it gets better! Unfortunately I was told that for some women they only go away with surgery so all you can do is manage the pain 😦

  3. Oh, girl. I know EXACTLY how you feel. I wrote a long, whiny post about it in my last pregnancy. Though I would have described mine as much more than just uncomfortable — more like excruciating hell. And I’m expecting to have a new hemmie or flare-up any day now since that seems to be my pattern in late pregnancy. BUT the good news is that my hemmies always pop up DURING pregnancy (and I’m not constipated either) and I’ve never had them caused by delivery. Not the case for everyone, of course, but it’s totally possible to make it through the baby’s birth without any extra piles down there, horror stories be damned. 😉 So sorry you have to suffer through this! (And if you’re interested, i can give you the link to my post about the hemorrhoids and the whole routine I had to go through to help give me relief. It’s not fun, but there are things that can help to make it better, though I find that time is really the only thing that works completely. And once the baby comes, that helps too!)

  4. Yes I had them during pregnancy and they SUCK! I was never constipated during my pregnancy- my OB said it was likely just the pressure from the baby. I had a c-section but 21 months after having my daughter they can still flare up. I didn’t find much to help with the pain. 😦

  5. Ugh, you are giving me flashbacks. Once bub dropped at 36 weeks, I had several and they hurt so much. I found that witchhazel helped quite a bit. It didn’t numb the pain at all, but it caused them to shrink and shrivel up so it helped with the pain long-term. I would soak a cotton ball and apply it every time I went to the bathroom.
    I was also afraid of what it would be like after delivery but as soon as bub was born and the pressure was off, they started getting better.

  6. No personal experience but have heard about more popping out during delivery. If it makes you feel any better I’m developing one so it sure I’ll be in the same boat 😒. The Elma cream has been record to me and I also find witch hazel soaked on a makeup remover pad is heavenly. The first 2 seconds sting, then it’s pure relief.

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