35 weeks

Holy cow!

Well, we’re nearing the end. And it’s so surreal. Stupid Stork warned me that pregnancy and having a baby never actually becomes real, but I didn’t believe her. I mean, woman is cray. But she was right! I still wake up surprised at this giant bump. And hold my breath until he wakes up and starts moving. (For some reason I think he has died in his sleep almost daily) Then he wakes up and I’m elated to find that I’m pregnant.

When I was not far along, I could not imagine getting to this point and would wish for time to speed up so I could get here faster. Well, people, it has. And now time seems to have stopped.


We’re almost ready. We had our last big shower (my work shower is the end of this month) last weekend which means clothes are all washed and put away, set aside, or given away to other preggy friends. The nursery is all ready to go, with the exception of 3 wall pieces that need to be hung up, the crib bedding needs to arrive, blinds need to be hung up, and returns need to be made. The playroom is almost complete. Hubster just has to convert the bookshelves into bench seating and I need to make the cushions (already have the bookshelves and I bought the materials for the cushions last weekend), then RockBand and the keyboard need to be moved into the living room.

The hospital bag is halfway packed, as is the diaper bag, and we’re putting car seat bases in the cars this weekend. I’ve prepped my L&D affirmations and will order them as photos next week to put in my cute Dollar Tree mini albums I bought. I’m starting to put together playlists (relaxing sounds, relaxing music, love songs, and FUN songs) on my phone and am organizing and copying all of my photos and videos to my Amazon cloud so I can make room in my 64gb sd card lol.

Oh! And we got our new dining room hutch and put all of the liquor and China in there and got rid of the cheap Target cabinet we had. We’re, like, real grownups now! Once all the rooms are finished I’ll post pics! The rest of my giant to-do list is coming along, but the things that are highest priority to give me peace of mind are done or on track so I’m really satisfied.

I also confirmed with my mom that she’ll come to the hospital with us to be there while I labor and give birth. And she’ll stay with us for a little bit while we get acclimated. I’m thinking of asking my MIL to come at about 3-4 weeks to help out since my mom isn’t retired yet, but I’m not sure that will work out since her and my FIL watch our 2 nephews 2 1/2 days per week. We’ll see though. Hubster just got approval to take 4 weeks off when the baby comes, 2 weeks around Christmas, and then another 4 weeks when I go back to work in February. So, we’re really almost ready!

Now I just keep working for the next two weeks and wait for baby. On maternity leave I’m planning to make our freezer meals and finish up the last of my to-do list. I’m planning on him coming late because every FTM I know has delivered at least 6 days late this year, but we’ll see. Last night while deep-squatting, I felt the craziest pressure. It was like I had been sitting on a bicycle for far too many hours. And today it feels like that every time I walk around and sit. It’s great to know he’s descending so much! But, he can be in position for weeks, I hear.

I know he’s head down because I just had my growth scan on Tuesday. Baby is measuring over 6 lbs, but since none of his measurements are the in the 95th percentile, nothing different will happen at this point. I will have another growth scan at about 37-38 weeks to check in again though. Oh and my lovely belly measured 38 weeks yesterday. Grrrrreat.

So that’s what’s happening here. It’s all very exciting, yet VERY surreal.

18 thoughts on “35 weeks

    • I think it’s my way of making this whole baby-thing more real for me? Also I’m an anal freak and need things done ahead of time so I don’t super stress and go psychotic! They’re on Pinterest because I can’t remember anything lol. But I know off the top of my head: won tons for soup, several soups, lasagna, and some other pasta dishes. I’ll do a post on those when I get ready to start! 😉

  1. I’m so envious of you-you’re really about to head into the most amazing time. I had a wonderful delivery and loved every last thing about having my baby (once the epidural was in!) best of luck sweet lady!

  2. I also feel the same way when I don’t feel him move for some period of time. Must be bad news! And yet…

    What meals are you preparing? That is my big plan for my time off before the c-section. I have a bit of an advantage in knowing the exact dates and I should have 18 days off work so I need to get organized with my cooking plans.

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