Uuuugh it happened again. The first time I’ve had a massive breakdown in several months. Um maybe in over a year? But I’m ok with it. I needed it. And it probably won’t happen again for quite awhile. In the last month my friend has given birth to her first child and my SIL has […]

Stab to the Heart

Hubster and I attended the Jason Mraz show on Monday and it was a completely amazing time. We were still a little buzzed from our St. Patty’s Day happy hour, but Mr. A-Z puts on a killer show even when you’re sober so that’s totally not relevant. But since I do love to have my […]


Alright CD1 today. This one marks 13 months since my first Clomid pill. 7 cycles medicated, 6 cycles on break and 1 pregnancy and miscarriage. Also, this is the beginning of the holiday season. I’m feeling pretty down this time…I’m still hopeful, just really sad. A few hours later…. I’m having a hard time believing […]