Still surreal

That’s my life.

Since that beautiful day in February that we found out we were pregnant.

Most days I woke up in the morning shocked that I was pregnant. I kinda always thought it was a dream. Even with my ginormous belly (which, BTW, I don’t remember being THAT big even though I remember my bump being larger than “normal”), I would wake up confused that it was there.

And now, when holding my baby, the realization that this is real life hits me and I’m shocked that I’m s mother. Honestly, I just feel like a lazy slob most days until I remember my 3-week old baby is glued to my breasts so I can’t do much most of the day and night. Other than keep my baby fed and loved, of course.

How is this me?!?


And how is this my child?!?


All I know is that the stress, physical pain (breastfeeding and pumping), fear, and exhaustion are so worth this little guy. He is completely perfect and a miracle that Hubster and I treasure completely.

Now for some fun stuff!

Even though he was 2 weeks old, we got to have our first family Halloween costume! Hubster loves fried chicken and wanted to be Colonel Sanders so I suggested a KFC-theme and he loved it. That was before we had the baby, of course. But we pulled it off!



Before anyone mistakenly thinks I pulled this off, it was all Hubster. I told him what I envisioned and that if he wanted us to do it, then he needed to get it together and he did! Amazing!

13 thoughts on “Still surreal

  1. You guys are so cute and your baby is gorgeous. I’m so happy for you all 😄 Let me ell you I am 3 years and 3 kids in and it is still surreal basically every day. I’m still grateful every day, even the rally bad ones (and there are many) that I get to be mommy.

  2. LOL the KFC costume is hilarious! Glad everything seems to be going well. He will eventually not want the boob 24×7 and will get on a schedule. Meantime, just keep snuggling and letting everyone else get things done. 🙂

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