Who is this particular Stork Chaser?

I am 31, have changed dramatically and have a very wonderful life, except one thing: I am infertile.

I used to be a bubbly, always optimistic and carefree social butterfly. Unfortunately, IF has robbed me of all of those attributes over the last year. It’s actually rather shocking to me and my loved ones. Unfortunately most of them don’t understand the change in me and has strained many of my relationships. Blogging is helping me to become that person again – at least partially. And Hubster has helped me from falling too far.

He’s the very good parts of me and is where the “wonderful” begins. Hubster and I met online in 2008 and eloped in Paradise in March 2011.

Almost sixteen months (including six rounds of Evil Clomid) later and here I am.

But back to the “wonderful” part of my life!  Hubster and I have a very exciting life in Northern California filled with 3 fur babies (ages range between 17 months and almost 3 years old) tons of friends, even more family, concerts/music festivals and travel (well, we used to travel).

Since we met in 2008 we have gone on a cruise through the Mexican Riviera, China (each of us went on our own trips), Hawaii (Maui & the Big Island) and most recently, Costa Rica!  We also take tons of trips with our 3 fur babies to hike in the foothills or along the coast.

These 3 are the lights of my life and I’m blessed to have such wonderful babies to love.

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