WLC #16 & 17 & a request

Sorry I didn’t post last week’s results but here are the results for the last two!!   Week 1 (6/25/12) Week 16 (9/28/12) Week 17 (10/5/12) % Lost Stork Chaser 151 Vacation 145.0 -3.97 Jenn 136 133.5 133.0 -2.21 Sunny 126.5 Vacation 128.2 +1.01 Annabelle 127.4 125.6 127.2 -0.16 Em 180 (7/23) 171.0 171.0 -5.00 […]

Sadness & sweat

These two things are all I think about lately. I had a reeeeally tough time at work this week. It was hard for me to concentrate on writing clear, sympathetic responses to our members’ inquiries and heaven forbid I have to talk to them on the phone. My brain has been this thick mud all […]

OUCH!!!! I need to get back into shape!

Between the Clomid O fatigue, taking it easy during my possible “implantation period” and Hubster taking 12 units in night classes (he decided to go back to school for IT certificates so can upgrade his classification at work. Sooo proud of him!), I have completely slacked off my normal gym schedule. I used to  go […]