And it was my last one in the office! My boss approved me to telecommute 3 days a week starting next week. WOOOOHOOOO! This bebe is getting bigger and feeling heavier everyday so dragging my butt to work 5 days a week has been so rough. Now I imagine my productivity will increase substantially and […]

Childbirth prep classes? Check!

Hubster and I attended 4-2 hour evening sessions to get ready for labor and delivery at our hospital. It was exhausting going to class after a long day of work, but it was worth it. First, they were so informative! We learned about different interventions used and when, got advice about how to handle nonmedicated […]

28 weeks pregnant and still infertile

It’s so true when Infertiles say infertility never leaves you. When you’re pregnant and become a parent after infertility, you end up kind of stuck between worlds. I still have a hard time with pregnancy announcements, pregnancy talk, and bump pics. Yes, I post this stuff on social media, but ALWAYS with a twinge of […]

3rd trimester & so in love

I can’t believe in writing this. How in the world am I here now?!? I’m so emotional today as friends keep sharing Mark Zuckerberg’s pregnancy announcement and so grateful as I write thank you cards from our baby shower with my best girlfriends and our families last weekend. The losses we’ve experienced are never forgotten, […]