The Timeline of my Stork Chase

  • 2003:  Dx Endometriosis
  • 2003-2004:  Began 3 mos of DepoLupron followed by 6 mos of DepoProvera injected monthly and then banished to BCP-Hell for life
  • April 2006:  Vow of celibacy (divorce) commenced and I threw the BCPs in the trash
  • May 2006:  SWEET!  No period!
  • June 2006:  AF still hasn’t shown up but I decided to give it another month since it can take up to 3 mos for hormones to regulate themselves
  • September 2006:  This is when I couldn’t deny something was really wrong.  I had an appointment with my OB/Gyn and my fears were confirmed.  Annovulation.  My world came crumbling down so I went to heal in Sunny L.A and started BCPs.
    Fast forward to my present situation:
  • July 29, 2008– My first date with Hubster
  • July 22, 2009– Hubster bought our perfect little house and we moved in together
  • February 12, 2011– Got engaged on a sandy bluff overlooking the sun setting over the ocean
  • March 2011:  Eloped in Paradise and decide it’s safe to stop being “careful.” AF arrives 28 days later
  • April 2011:  Started temping & charting but unfortunately there was absolutely no pattern.  But because my period was coming regularly I thought maybe I’m not doing it right?
  • July 2011:  ATTC commences!!!  I visited my new OB/Gyn specializing in Infertility and was told to try for 3 mos naturally
  • September 2011:  AF went missing again and HPTs and beta all came back negative 😦 I had an appointment with my IF OB/Gyn and started on BCPs for two months before starting Clomid
  • November 2011:  Late honeymoon in Costa Rica so we could live it up before I get knocked up!!!!  Started Clomid (50mg CD 3-7, U/S CD 12-15, BW CD 19-21 ) and just knew THAT would be the month
  • December 2011: BFN and no O…started another cycle.
  • January 2012: Definitely O this month!!!  But BFN and dosage goes up to 100mg.
  • February 2012: Really excited!  O’ed “big time” (according to Dr) and I had TONS of preggers symptoms!  Plus AF is two days late!!!  Hubster and I are convinced I’m pregnant.  Just need that BFP.  But no.  AF showed up the day before I’m scheduled for my beta.  I was so depressed. That’s when I began hoping for (but not expecting) a miracle
  • March 2012: BFN and AF arrived right on time. To the minute.  No more Clomid and I was again feeling a little depressed, let down and lost. Period started again and not sure about O. Felt some pains around CD 10, but I assumed that was too soon.
  • April 2012:  AF arrived after a short 24 days! Major O pains and +OPK on CD 11!! WTH?! I had my first appt with a RE on 4/23/12.
  • May 2012:  Baseline U/S showed several follies under 9mm & 1 folly at 11mm; 50 mg Clomid CD 5-9, CD 12 U/S showed 1 follie 21mm and 2 follies around 15mm; Triggered that night; Used soft cups after BDing; O on CD 14…BFN.
  • June 2012: Given the green light at my baseline; 50 Clomid CD 5-9; CD 11 U/S showed 1 18mm folly on the left and a 22mm, 10.5mm and 2-9mm follies on the right; Triggered in AM on CD 12; Used soft cups after BDing; O on CD 13…1st ever BFP on 6/17. Beta on 6/18 was 2.4 and line slowly getting more faint; 1st ever CP
  • July 2012: Correction: That CP produced a sac. It was found on my CD5 baseline; No Clomid was given this cycle and I was told the tissue should pass with my next cycle; I went to acupuncture and I started passing what I thought was the “tissue” that night; thick clumpy spotting continued for three more days; AF arrived one day early; CD5 baseline showed a sac so off I went to have another BT and D&C scheduled for 7/31/12.
  • August 2012: D&C not necessary as sac passed at some point; saline hysterosonogram performed and my Ute looked perfect (thank God!); we sat another cycle out because even though CD3 baseline was normal, Hubster and I decided we need a month off for heart-healing purposes
  • Septemebr 2012: CD3 baseline looked perfect! Back on the IF train, full-steam ahead! Clomid CD5-9; CD 10 U/S showed lining at 6.9mm & one follie at 23mm so I triggered that night; Used soft cups after BDing; O on CD12; BFN
  • October 2012: CD3 baseline shows one 3cm cyst so we sat out another cycle; RE looked at notes from past appts, including AMH level, and put me on DHEA with possible testing in the future.
  • November 2012: Cyst stayed put so I had to sit out another cycle. New cycle started 27 days later and the cyst was gone! Clomid CDs 4-8; CD11 u/s showed 8mm lining, 10.5mm follie on one ovary and 33.5, 12.5 and 13mm follies on the other; triggered that night and O on CD 13.  BD on CD9, 10 &12;
  • December 2012: Another BFP that didn’t hang on. Hubster and I healed at the beach. Baseline showed no cysts and CD10 U/S showed one large follie.
  • January 2013: Another BFP that didn’t hang on. Beta was 3.7 and the HCG caused more weight gain and acne (I stopped counting at 13 facial/neck eruptions :() than I have ever experienced. Consistent “blood clot” in my uterus finally seemed suspisous. When my ute was filled saline, it didn’t behave like a blood clot or polyp so saline hysteroscopy was scheduled for my next cycle. This month also began our 5 month break from TTC.

All of 2013:
We didn’t really try for the first half of the year as I prepared to run my first marathon. I started using Pregnitude to regulate my cycles and ovulate and have been popping the supplements (that are found in that product) in pill form since April 2013. We had another BFP in September that ended several days later and I’ve continued to take the supplements only.

February 2014: Hubster and I decided to pursue domestic open adoption in May if I’m still not pregnant.

April 2014: I start the first round (of a max of 4 rounds) of Clomid again with my regular old OB/Gyn to take a last stab at getting pregnant. 100mg of Clomid CD5-9; U/S CD13 shows 31mm follicle on the left & 25mm/33mm/18mm/22mm on the right; no trigger shot and no +OPK’s but intense pain/discomfort CD14-16 and change to CM allow me to hope I ovulated; recheck with OB/Gyn to confirm

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