Time to breathe

In the last 16 days I have been on 3 first interviews and 3 second interviews. I am SO tired. And I still managed to run twice and make it to yoga once this week. I think that exercise is what kept me going this week. But it’s all good because hopefully I’ll have a […]

Stab to the Heart

Hubster and I attended the Jason Mraz show on Monday and it was a completely amazing time. We were still a little buzzed from our St. Patty’s Day happy hour, but Mr. A-Z puts on a killer show even when you’re sober so that’s totally not relevant. But since I do love to have my […]


My appointment with my OBgyn went well and I start back on Clomid my next cycle. He’ll monitor at least my first cycle just to make sure everything is working the way it should and most likely not after that unless there’s a problem. Since my first attempt at 50mg didn’t work and not every […]

Catching up with my OB/Gyn

I swear this is the weirdest step in our infertility journey to date. For several months we worked with an OBgyn who specialized in infertility. Then for a year we worked with an RE at a fertility clinic to make a baby. That didn’t work and we stopped going. Now we’re going to a regular […]