Wow. I always knew I was empathetic and emotional, but pregnancy hormones are no.joke. I cry for everything. I feel so much! For those readers going through tough times, let me assure you that I have cried alongside of you. It breaks my heart, like it’s never been broken before (and I’ve done over 8 […]

Baby is alive and KICKIN!

OMG! Every US gets more and more amazing. Baby is GIANT (measuring 5 days ahead) still at 9w3d and such a wiggle-worm. It was amazing to see the whole body move, then hands and feet going all over the place. My doctor is sweet and let us watch for awhile before I remembered to ask […]

Another US tomorrow…

…with 2 perfectly normal ones under my belt and crazy morning sickness, why am I more nervous now? Tomorrow I will be 9w4d. Holy cow! Getting past the 9-week mark is huge for me because I’ve not heard (first-hand) of many people losing a pregnancy after 9 weeks. Yes, it can still happen, but I […]

Pregnancy Brain

Is my excuse for being absent! I literally forgot about this blogosphere until Izzy texted me requesting demanding an update lol! So here I go: Morning all-day sickness has hit with a vengeance. But I don’t actually vomit. Well, except for the 4 days I threw up as I brushed my teeth. Lucky for me, […]

It’s starting to become more real

Everyday I’m super nauseous and feeling icky. Oh and seeing my GIANT baby and her/his fluttering heart on the US monitor on Monday was SO amazing. Hearing the heartbeat (171bpm) was beautiful, but something about seeing that flutter is what made it so real! Monday we had our intake with the OB department and my […]

We’ve made it to 7 weeks, I think!

Well, a day I thought might never come appears to be here. I woke up feeling less confident in my pregnancy, but that quickly faded once I smelled my yummy breakfast of 2 egg cups I requested. The smell was TERRIBLE so I quickly ran back to the other part of the house and when […]


OK, I need your feedback. My doctor didn’t put us on any intercourse restrictions after transfer and even though I reeeeally want to have sex, I’m terrified of it. He said there’s no conclusive research showing it messes things up, but even with his blessing I’m having a hard time allowing myself to do it. […]


The Happy Dances may commence! I am technically 6w4d today and our ONE little ducky is measuring exactly that. The heartbeat was easily found and when I held my breath it was measured at 119 bmp. The first measurement was 114 so I was ecstatic when she did it again and got the higher number. […]