Worst. Day. Ever.

And it’s only midday.  I am depressed and moody and the last thing I want to do is talk to people. So now I have to talk to some of my  coworkers to explain the bitchiness. And the bitchiness is because of IF and I don’t want to talk about IF with non-IFers anymore! Sigh. […]


Hubster and I were excited to watch the Hunger Games today that we bought our tickets last night and even got to the theater 30 mins early to get good seats. But boy did we underestimate the mass excitement for this movie!! We walked into a HUGE theater and it was completely full! As we […]

OUCH!!!! I need to get back into shape!

Between the Clomid O fatigue, taking it easy during my possible “implantation period” and Hubster taking 12 units in night classes (he decided to go back to school for IT certificates so can upgrade his classification at work. Sooo proud of him!), I have completely slacked off my normal gym schedule. I used to  go […]

How do I support my man?

Ok here’s something I haven’t come across in ALI forums or blogs.  Hubster is incredibly supportive of me during this process and I am so stinkin thankful!  But one thing that’s come up is the fact that he doesn’t share his pain because he doesn’t want to make it harder on me.  And when I’m […]