Nope, I don’t know what cycle day I’m on. I know, this is mind-blowing. But I can’t help it. Every cycle I become more removed and less invested. I think I might be done ya’ll. My heart and head are already starting the process of grieving bio children. I know, I know, I know. We’re […]

Merry Christmas Loves

I’m so sorry for the ones still stuck in trenches with me and excited for the ones who have gotten out! Just know my love is with each and every one of you. As for us, Christmas has been surprisingly easy. Until this afternoon. Hubster and I had sexytime (Eeeek!!!!!) even though it’s not our […]

My fears (silly ones, not BIG ones)

I’m in the middle of my tww and I’m getting really anxious. My period is coming, I can feel it. So Hubster and I are going to have a chat tonight to help ease the anxiety. That chat falls under the “BIG fears”category so I’ll discuss that later. What happens during EVERY tww are two […]


I just dreamt I got my period early and was hanging out with an over-eager future brother in law. Yikes! I feel the pain of a failed cycle so strongly (and have reeeeeally bad gas) so I can’t go back to sleep at 5:15 am. And hanging out with my sister’s fiancé is wierding me […]