Going public

Ok I’ve decided to do an announcement photo on Instagram and Facebook. And I think it’s going to be adorable. I’m mostly excited, but a little bit nervous. Spring brings lots of birthday parties and baby showers and I don’t want to keep hiding to fend off questions, so I’m coming out. I think hubby is ready also.

So, Saturday is the big day! I’ll be 15w1d and after my last OB appointment yesterday, I feel much better. Baby’s hb was 165, which is what I’ve been getting at home, so that  was a relief. And also my doctor’s reassurance was helpful. He has always acknowledged my fears and validated why I was feeling that way and basically yesterday said, ok enough is enough, in a very caring way of course.

So, no more hiding this beautiful miracle. We’re coming out!

14 thoughts on “Going public

  1. Yay! People will be sooo thrilled for you! We told our family and close friends after the 12/13 week scan. Not planning on FB announcement, but I never wanted to do one so it’s not fear talking.

    • Thank you! I’ve been pretty open with our infertility journey and every NIAW, so it’ll be nice to share. Our families and close friends have known since our first beta as they were all kept informed about the whole IVF process. 😉

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